The Moon Watches Me

The Moon Watches Me

Where do I start? How do I begin? Writing/Blogging does not come naturally to me – I have to pep-talk myself, read hundreds of blogs and articles to get ideas/inspiration, look back at my old postings and try to think something to talk/write about.

I marvel at bloggers whose words come as freely and smoothly as breathing. Where did all those ideas come from? And the witty way they write, the fun they have with words – sometimes I feel that, the joy of writing and putting my thoughts into words. That usually happened when I felt strongly about some issues or I was in a dark, brooding, retrospective mood.

The idea or the wanting to write has been nagging in my head, nibbling into my subconscious mind, like a lost gnat or fruit-fly over my head. I know I can write fairly well, but I am afraid of writers block. Of leaving my blog unattended for months before writing again. Of being inconsistent, which I am afraid I am guilty – at almost everything *cringe. But I gotta start somewhere, right? I gotta find out what I could / could not do by actually doing it, right?

So now I am here – putting up a photo of waxing gibbous over the sky at Kg Paya Dalam, Melaka where my sisters and I and our families gathered for Eid celebration. And wondering what to write.

Maybe a short haiku for instance?

Watching over me
He who shines in darkness
The lamp in the sky..

Well, how’s that for a start?


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