Of being Jack, a master of none

Of being Jack, a master of none

I started photography as a therapy for mild depression I was diagnosed with 5 year ago. I was prescribed with Remeron but got tired with the effect it gave me, I decided to try non-medicated way to treat my condition. It worked.

I photographed anything and everything I fancy, tho I prefer macro a little bit more than the rest. I tried to focus on only macro last time, but found out I got bored easily and started to look for something else to capture. I am a self taught, and I do try & error all the time. Being somewhat absent minded sometimes I forgot to change the settings on the camera and just shoot, tho sometimes when I really wanted to capture something and planned for it, I’ll take details quite seriously.

Friends asked me whether I am a wedding photographer or professional photographer or something. Well, truth is I never dreamed of being a¬†professional photographer. I don’t think I can manage the stress in keeping up with what my clients want as opposed to what I think is the best for them artistically.

Truth is.. I don’t feel that I need to master to the highest level of what I love to do. I photograph for my heart content. For my own therapy. For my own enjoyment. Some might think it’s a waste of talent and time, where I could make money. It’s nice if I could, but like I mentioned, I don’t think I could handle the stress. That would make me unhappy and depressed, and that would affect my loved ones. Thus, it would defeat the whole purpose of why i started photography – to be happy.

I am a master of none in photography and i am quite alright with that.





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