Tonight I wished
I have a pair of wings
So that I can be there
To be by your side
This loneliness
Eats me from inside
My lips curl in smile
But my heart frowns in despair
I dreaded the night that comes
Your face would visit me again
Your voice would speak to me
In a vaporous whisper
Echoes in my head
My heart would scream your name
Over and over again
And I would cry again
Missing you is the most
Painful feelings that I abhor
I wished
I could have a painter brush
So that I can paint my whole life
In different light
So that I can put colors for my feelings
A rainbow that illuminate my life
Not this darkness in remembrance
Not these murkiness of futures uncertainty
I wished
I could be the wind that caress your red skin
Under the sun
Cool you down as you close your eyes
I would blow away your heat and worries
I wished
I could be the star
Like diamantes on black velvet
That glows for those
Whose heart laden with darkness
Especially for you
I wished
I could be a sparrow
That perched by the windowsill of your office
And watching you
Loving you
Yearning for you
… knowing I could never have you….
As I close my tired, teary eyes
I dream of you again….


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