I don’t want to miss your face
The scent of summer
The spring blossom’s grace
The deep calm of the mer,
Place your hand unto mine
Feel the heat comes to life
Hold my hand and close your eyes
Hear the soft lullaby inside
Set your soul flying high
Let your love free wondering the night
Taste the sweet nectar of mine
Bask together in the dazzling light
The times when the sun refused to shine
The moments where we’d lost in time
We have our faith to give the light
Together we’ll be alright
Huddle together in the warm night
We left the world and everything behind
Together we soar, like the falcon we fly
Dance the waltz with the star in the sky
Like the glorious summer in July
We’d been through everything all the while
We’d stayed together low and high
Those moments we laughed and cried
Standing here by your side
Inhaling the sweet aroma of life
Remembering the time, I slowly smile
A picture of us crosses my mind
Yes, we have everything, alright…


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