I Exist, and…….

I Exist, and.......

Escaping the cold, dark room inside
Running through the stormy thoughts
Passing the empty lane of dream
Spending all the gold of time
Trying to figure out the way out
Walking on a thorn field
Crying at the bleeding hopes and wishes
Emptying the empathy inside
Building lies underlying the poverty of honesty
Believing in the sweet whisper of this glorious sorrow
Flying away from the harshness of reality
Closing the eyes of truth
Playing the song of reverie
Waiting under the ruin fortress of camaraderie
Crossing fingers for cherished faith
Touching the burning scar of yesterday
Cringing at the stark blinding light of today
Fearing the shadow of future
Pondering the joy of living
Grieving the misery of death
Hiding among the shadows in the night
Tasting the forbidden taste of passion
Missing the lost foot steps of memory
Longing for the sweet sensation of love
Dreaming the dreams of slave
Hoping the hopes of the dying
Pulsating around love and tears
Drowning in the sheer devastating power of existence
Taking the hands of time
Spinning and turning round and round
Anticipating magic and miracles
Staying alive… the hardest thing to do
Surviving… almost a distant thought


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