Something About Me

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog!

I am very bad at describing or telling others about myself. I feel that I’d ended up bragging – humblebrag or underbrag included. Is it any wonder that I am working in government agency? Oops. Oh well, I might as well just go ahead and tell it all. I am a Food Technologist by profession, although I am more towards administration rather than scientific-based now. I am 38 yo fast approaching 40 and curious how it’s gonna be to 40 yo. Any clue?

I love photography and poetry. That’s very obvious isn’t it? *nervous laugh*. I was also clinically diagnosed to suffer from depression that stemmed from my failed marriages. Would that deter me from relationship and marriage? Well I got married last year December. I have great feelings about it, so I guess may past failure in marriage does not spook me enough. I have a 12 year old boy from my previous marriage who think the world about his papa (his step father) but still have some love for his own father who he only met once when he was a year old. Child’s love is the most precious.



2 thoughts on “Something About Me

  1. Hi Nuraini,
    I hope you remember the guy from Poland whom you met when you were a young AIESECer 🙂
    It’s been quite some time since we last seen each other 🙂 Something like 20 years? Exactly! Way before the era of social media. It took me some time to find you. I hope you’re in good health and all is well.

    It would be great to hear from you!
    And BTW, you’re taking great pictures (I’ve seen them on Picasa). I love the street scenes from M’sia. They bring great memories of the time I spend there.

    Take care all the best!

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